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Currently working at Spinnerei, Leipzig

PILOTENKUECHE residency, Jan-Mar 2019, Leipzig DE

« Zigleip »

Oil and mixed media on canvas

In French there is a way to talk, a slang language named « verlan » it consist in switching words and it came at my mind for that serie: Leipzig - « Zigleip ».
The paintings on raw canvas, cutted and stapled directly on the wall, the subjects are portraits and landscapes inspired by the 3 months of residency in Leipzig, my feeling about the city, streets, people I met and the culture of techno music.

« Fast Kotzen »
Group show
24-27 Mar
Pilotenkueche, Leipzig DE

“Flag“ - 160x86 cm

“Plagwitz“ - 142x93 cm

“Zigleip“ - 123x165 cm

“IFZ” - 67x107 cm

« Smiley Face »

Oil on wood

« Unfinished Hase »
Group show
16-23 Feb
Alte Handelsschule, Leipzig DE